Transforming our Community with Murals and Public Artworks


The Art Anarchy Collective is a Creative Voice initiative that started in 2013 at the Wellington Fringe Festival. We collaborate with Councils, businesses and the community to create contemporary public works of art.

Kaupapa – We Believe:

  • That everyone is an artist
  • That endless creative potential lies within every community just waiting for a chance to be expressed
  • The bland urban streets and parks are our canvas
  • That art is good for you
  • That art should be fun

Our Projects:

We support local art and culture around the region. We are growing and evolving the Art Anarchy projects to give opportunities to those in the community who, with no resources, miss out on creative opportunities. We connect established and grassroots artists and community members to create:

Recent Projects:

Youth Mural Project with Hutt City Council
With funding from the Hutt City Council we worked with three mainstream youth and four at-risk youth referred by the Police. These four teens had been caught illegally tagging businesses. Five teaching sessions were held with Artist, Clare Rye, to teach the students design, stencil cutting and spray can techniques. The group then painted a large mural in the Queen’s Arcade, adding vibrancy and colour to the central Hutt. 

Join Us!

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